fleet purchasing

How to make public fleet purchasing a faster process

Fleet purchasing has never been a particularly speedy process, but with inflated lead times and..
public fleet vehicles

Public fleet vehicles: A simpler way to purchase

The procurement of public fleet vehicles is more time consuming than ever. According to recent..
buy fleet vehicles

How to buy public fleet vehicles without the headaches

If you’ve worked in the fleet procurement industry for any amount of time, you know just how..
steps of procurement process

Expediting steps of the public procurement process for fleet vehicles

The order-to-delivery (OTD) time for public fleet procurement has risen exponentially over the past..
fleet truck procurement

Simpler fleet truck procurement

No one could accuse fleet procurement officers of having an easy job. Today, 81% of procurement..
public fleet procurement

5 tips to avoid the headaches of public fleet procurement

From missing resource challenges to hairpin deadlines, public procurement officers are facing more..
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procurement services

How procurement services can expedite fleet purchasing

The average fleet purchasing timeline has been hyperinflated over the past three years, with..
procurement solutions

10 reasons that fleet procurement solutions are the way to go

Almost 90% of fleet procurement professionals say that their jobs are moderately to extremely..
purchasing fleet vehicles

Purchasing fleet vehicles the efficient way to meet demand

Fleet procurement is fast becoming one of the most complicated industries in the world. Supply..
source and procurement

Source and procurement of public fleet vehicles made easy

Modern procurement processes are becoming increasingly volatile. America’s current economic climate..
fleet procurement solutions

Fleet procurement solutions to serve public agency teams

Procurement leaders believe that we have entered one of the toughest market environments of the..
fleet truck management

Fleet truck management: Getting vehicles faster without bidding headaches

When it comes to fleet truck management, procuring fleet vehicles for public agencies is time..