fleet sustainability

Fleet sustainability: Reducing emissions with fleet management solutions

Not including public transit, there are nearly 5 million vehicles in federal, state, county, and..
net zero

5 challenges in achieving net zero in public fleets (and solutions)

The need for net-zero public fleets has reached a fever pitch. With more than 3.4 million state,..
public fleets to evs

Tips to ease the transition of your public fleets to EVs promptly

For public fleets, there is an urgency in transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) due to federal,..
electric vehicle procurement

Best practices for electric vehicle procurement in city and state entities

North Americans purchased a record-breaking number of electric vehicles (EVs) in 2023. More than ..
net zero greenhouse gas emissions

Progressing government fleets to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions

Transportation accounts for the vast majority of CO2 emissions in North America. In fact, it makes..
net zero strategies

8 net zero strategies for government fleet operations

If all fleet vehicles in the U.S. were electrified, it could dramatically reduce carbon emissions..
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zev vehicles

Understanding the adoption of ZEV vehicles

When it comes to fleet electrification, government entities have a considerable amount of work to..
how to achieve net zero emissions

How to achieve net zero emissions in your government fleet fast

Experts recommend that we need to reach a net-zero world by the early 2050s. Meeting this goal in..
transition to electric vehicles

Solutions for the transition to electric vehicles in government fleets

Local and state governments have made substantial strides toward fleet electrification. Of the..
what is net zero emission

What is net zero emission for fleets in state and local entities?

Achieving net zero emissions for vehicle fleets can provide significant benefits for state and..
transition to ev fleet

Transition to EV fleet for net zero emissions in your municipality

Municipal fleets are significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in communities across..
cost of electric vehicles

Cost of electric vehicles: Preparing for an EV fleet in municipalities

State and local governments can save nearly $11 billion in lifetime expenses over ten years by..