reduce emissions

5 insights to help fleets reduce emissions and understand their impact

To reach net zero by 2050, the world must cut carbon emissions by 45% over the next seven years...
sustainable fleet management solutions

Adopting sustainable fleet management solutions to offset emissions

Dozens of state and local governments in North America have signed the ZEV Pledge for zero..
fleet electrification planning

Fleet electrification planning eases concerns over transitioning to EVs

Fleet managers and procurement teams are being asked to meet aggressive deadlines to meet fleet..
sustainable fleet

Tips to lower emissions with sustainable fleet solutions in municipalities

The average fleet vehicle travels about 22,000 miles annually, producing around 6.17 tons of carbon..
reduce carbon emissions

How to reduce carbon emissions in state and local government

Dozens of governments across North America are working together to reduce carbon emissions. ..
electrify your fleet

6 tips to electrify your fleet for municipalities (worry free)

The benefits of fleet electrification are well-documented. Municipalities can benefit from lower..
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carbon tracking

Why carbon tracking is essential to fleet managers in government entities

One of the greatest tools in the fight against CO2 emissions is carbon tracking for fleets...
vehicle data

Leverage fleet vehicle data for optimization and reduce carbon footprint

The most powerful tool available to public organizations is raw telematics. This is especially true..
ev range anxiety

Overcoming fears of EV range anxiety in state and local governments

For drivers, concerns about how far EVs can go without charging are a major psychological barrier...
ev adoption strategy

4 ways to create an EV adoption strategy for government entities

Electric vehicles (EVs) are essential to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, the higher..
what is idling

What is idling, and why does it matter to state and local fleet managers?

Idling is one of the biggest challenges affecting public fleets. It releases up to twenty pounds of..
ev adoption

Identifying and resolving obstacles to EV adoption in city and state fleets

City and state fleets across North America are preparing to launch into a greener, cleaner future...