fleet purchase vehicles

How to fleet purchase public vehicles with minimal wait times

Relying on the traditional public fleet purchasing process can take a long time. Even the most..
equipment procurement

Public fleet equipment procurement: Optimizing the timetable

Time is of the essence for public fleet equipment procurement, but supply chain processes are more..
how to improve procurement strategy

How to improve public procurement strategy to better serve teams

Experienced procurement professionals know that no matter how smoothly things are going, someone in..
how to lessen impact of supply chain disruption

How to lessen the impact of supply chain disruption with fleet vehicles

Everyone seems to be struggling with how to lessen the impact of supply chain disruption, and..
fleet procurement strategy

5 ways to streamline your fleet public procurement strategy

Fleet management is one of the most challenging aspects of public procurement. Commercial vehicles..
procurement efficiencies

Maintaining public procurement efficiencies to serve your teams

People in public procurement are experiencing a rapidly evolving field, with new iterations and..
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procurement management plan

Improving your public fleet procurement management plan

As a public fleet manager, you know that your procurement management plan is vital: it lays down..
procurement process flow

A shorter public fleet equipment procurement process flow

Imagine your bid process is like the children’s game Chutes and Ladders. The rules are simple: make..
fleet equipment

Optimizing public fleet equipment procurement for supply chain issues

In the past, if someone who was looking to purchase new fleet equipment was asked, “What is the..
procurement plan

Reevaluating your public procurement plan during slow supply chains

Procurement managers are now dealing with the stubborn bottlenecks in the global supply chain..
sourcing and procurement

Sourcing and procurement of public fleet vehicles made easier

For most public entities, working on a tight budget is the order of the day. But expenses continue..
supply chain and procurement management

Fleet equipment: Supply chain and procurement management

When you’re looking for the right equipment for the fleet for your city or county, you’ll notice..