investing in sustainability

Key benefits of investing in sustainability for state and local entities

While the federal government is providing funds for investing in sustainability efforts to lower..
trends in charging infrastructure

3 trends in charging infrastructure in state and local entities

One of the biggest challenges with electric vehicles (EVs) for fleet managers is the availability..
emissions monitoring

How to keep government fleets in check with emissions monitoring

Increasingly, fleet managers are being charged with meeting green initiatives and emissions..
greenhouse gas emissions

5 ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a municipality fleet

Municipal governments all over North America are taking a stand against public fleet emissions...
electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Building the electric vehicle charging infrastructure that municipalities need

Growth rates for EV charging stations are higher than ever before. The installation of public..
EV charging infrastructure

Improving EV charging infrastructure to meet green initiatives in cities

The cities of North America are going green at a rapid pace. This is especially true of electric..
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green initiatives

Green initiatives: Challenges of running an eco-friendly fleet in government

When talking about government fleets and their impact on the environment, three specific..

Telematics: Fleet management to boost bottom line for municipalities

Among the many skills that you are expected to develop as a fleet manager, the ability to guide..
government fleet vehicles

Best ways to transition government fleet vehicles to electric

Electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming better options for public organizations. They are less..
fleet management systems

How fleet management systems grant insights into government vehicles

Manual fleet reporting and physical vehicle paperwork are now things of the past. These days, local..
electric vehicles challenges and opportunities

Electric vehicles' challenges and opportunities for public organizations

Government fleet managers and their partners in procurement have to think differently due to the..
vehicle monitoring system

Rightsizing government fleets with a vehicle monitoring system

With rising fuel costs and rapid inflation, the optimization of public fleets matters more than..