adoption of electric vehicles

5 factors affecting adoption of electric vehicles in municipalities

Despite rapid growth in the sale and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), there are still..
carbon reduction

6 ways government entities can be a part of carbon reduction

“Despite many available tools for addressing climate change, government efforts are falling short.”..
emissions tracking

Emissions tracking and measuring for fleets to maintain sustainability

Greenhouse gases (GHGs) are the main cause of climate change, and vehicles are the biggest..
electric vehicle barriers

Electric vehicle barriers: Overcoming EV barriers in city and state fleets

Dozens of city and state fleets across North America are adopting EVs for a more sustainable..
electric vehicle adoption

Addressing the barriers to electric vehicle adoption in government fleets

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption remains a strong point of interest among North American government..
net-zero emissions

Transition toward a net-zero emissions for state and local entities

It’s no secret that state and local fleets across North America are headed for a net-zero future...
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how to reduce carbon footprint

How to reduce carbon footprint in municipalities using data analytics

The fight against North America’s carbon footprint continues, with thousands of municipal fleet..
data analytics

Using data analytics to reduce emissions in municipality fleets

Municipalities are facing increasing public pressure and mandates to reduce emissions and costs...
EV fleet charging infrastructure

How to defeat EV fleet charging infrastructure obstacles in government

EV charging infrastructure has fast become the way of the future for public fleets. There’s a new..
public charging sites

Transform government fleets to zero emission with public charging sites

More than 1,000 cities worldwide have pledged themselves to the UN’s zero-emissions (ZE) race. Many..
green transportation

Green transportation tips to reduce carbon footprint in municipalities

The carbon emissions of municipal areas have become a serious concern for North American..
carbon neutral fleet

Environmental benefits for a carbon neutral fleet in government

A 2021 Executive Order calls for most federal fleet acquisitions to be zero-emission vehicles..