Improving your public fleet procurement management plan

procurement management plan

As a public fleet manager, you know that your procurement management plan is vital: it lays down the steps required to get into the final contract, and it needs to be project specific. There’s a way to make things easier for you.

Cooperative contracts can improve and speed up public fleet vehicle procurement, especially when dealing with supply chain issues. The public vehicle procurement process can be smoother through the use of cooperative purchasing contracts. Sourcewell contracts enable public leaders to make purchases efficiently while satisfying state and local bid requirements so your procurement management plan works for you.

For you to manage a successful organization, a procurement management plan is a must. Fleet management can be time consuming and complicated. In fact, fleet teams often have the largest operating budget within public agencies.

Carrying out a successful procurement management plan can be an arduous process. But it shouldn’t be that way. In fact, it won’t be that way when you partner with Sourcewell.

Sourcewell exists for one purpose: to help communities. As a self-sustaining government organization, it has over forty years of dedicated service helping government, education, and nonprofit agencies operate more efficiently through various solutions.

Its contract-purchasing solutions are competitively solicited nationally, offering over 400 awarded contracts. With Sourcewell’s help, you can turn your procurement management plan around to save time, meet competitive requirements, improve convenience, and of course, save money.

Sourcewell works to create efficiencies to better help public procurement professionals acquire the equipment that they need. This means ensuring that vehicles are dependable and have minimal downtime, simplifying the fleet vehicle purchasing process, and making vehicle change management easy when going from trucks to EVs. It also helps out in the following ways.

First, by “piggybacking” on a cooperative contract, public procurement professionals save the time required for conducting their own solicitation. You won’t get bogged down by difficult details: Sourcewell takes care of that.

Second, public leaders are required to competitively bid for their purchases, and any cooperative contract through Sourcewell meets these standards. Likewise, public procurement professionals won’t have the hassle of conducting pre-bid research for a brand-new competitive bid and can find a contract ready for use.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, using contracts will help stretch thinning budgets or allow you to do more with less. Sourcewell’s cooperative contracts leverage economies of scale because thousands of public leaders have access to these contracts. Time is money, and staff time and agency resources add to the overall procurement price tag when conducting in-house solicitations. A good plan can greatly lower your spending.

Sourcewell provides the resources for public employees to get started saving time, money, and energy and to ensure that they’re making the right choices on their own terms. You can also explore the different contracts that Sourcewell offers.

Registering your organization as a participating entity with Sourcewell is easy and free. Simply complete the brief online registration form, and you’ll receive your official Sourcewell account number, where you can quickly make a purchase on any awarded contract. Also, through cooperative contracts, Sourcewell can help you meet your goals.

Here at Sourcewell, we help public agency buyers procure fleet vehicles faster by fulfilling the time-consuming bid process for them. Through cooperative contracts, we expedite the fleet vehicle procurement process so you can better serve your teams.

Want a faster procurement process? Contact one of our specialists today to buy the fleet solutions you need!