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student transportation

Ways to optimize K-12 school resources for student transportation

The traditional yellow school bus has long been a symbol of American education. However, for many..

3 benefits of managing supplier relationships for government fleets

Are you getting the most out of your fleet/supplier relationships? Recent studies indicate that..

School bus transportation alternatives for educational organizations

Schools must provide safe and reliable transportation for students, and they must do so in an..

Alternative transportation services: Is it right for your K-12 district?

Transportation is essential to any thriving K-12 district. More than 26 million U.S. children ride..
 connected supply chain

Connected supply chain: Maximize spend in city fleet procurement

Procurement teams have an increasingly challenging job. They must maximize their purchasing power..
electric vehicle transition

What's affecting electric vehicle transition? (Solutions for procurement)

North America’s progress in the electric vehicle (EV) transition is now well underway. U.S. federal..
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benefits of alternative transportation

4 benefits of alternative transportation for K-12

School districtsmust provide safe and reliable transportation for all students, but traditional..
alternative fuel vehicles

The shift toward fleet alternative fuel vehicles in city and state

Alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) are the new frontier of fleet sustainability. Federal agencies..
supplier relationship management

What is supplier relationship management (SRM) for procurement?

A closer relationship between procurement teams and suppliers can provide significant benefits and..
fleet utilization metrics

8 fleet utilization metrics to spot inefficiencies and compare EV benefits

Fleet utilization metrics do more than just monitor performance. They act as benchmarks to spot..
ev fleet management

EV fleet management for emissions-free future for government agencies

The emissions-free future is becoming a reality for millions of North Americans. Approximately 51%..
fleet asset utilization

How to maximize fleet asset utilization with the procurement of EVs

Tracking fleet asset utilization helps optimize fleet usage and maximize operational efficiency..