5 immediate perks of fleet maintenance tracking software for governments

fleet maintenance tracking software

Fleet maintenance tracking software is a powerful tool for government institutions. Today, 86% of global respondents report a positive ROI from telematics within twelve months or less. But many of the perks surrounding fleet maintenance software are far more immediate than that. Your organization could begin reaping the benefits within mere hours of implementation.

This article explores the most immediate advantages of fleet maintenance tracking software. The benefits are analyzed with data, followed by discussions on where to buy tracking software for your organization.

What is fleet maintenance tracking software?

Fleet maintenance tracking software is a type of telematic solution designed to track or monitor the maintenance of fleet vehicles. The process involves installing a system or piece of hardware in a vehicle that transmits information to a cloud-based dashboard. Fleet managers with access to the dashboard can instantly retrieve and filter information, then make informed decisions about their vehicles and their routes in the future.

The term “tracking software” encompasses many data points depending on the scope of the tool. However, most fleets rely on fleet tracking software to monitor:

  • The location of their vehicles through GPS devices
  • Maintenance schedules and routine upkeep
  • Idle monitoring to reduce waste and boost productivity
  • Service reminders for inspections or tags
  • Fuel consumption to optimize routes

The ultimate goal of fleet maintenance tracking software is to better understand the health of your fleet. However, a few of the benefits go deeper than this and can help you streamline fleet management well into the future.

The five benefits of fleet maintenance tracking software for governments

Fleet maintenance tracking software can provide several benefits starting on day one. Let’s look at the most critical of these.

1. Cloud-based information

In the past, fleet managers had to collect their documentation in filing cabinets or manila envelopes. Today, all the pertinent information about a fleet can be kept in a single source: the cloud.

Fleet maintenance tracking software can be easily implemented into your existing cloud or deployed separately to meet the needs of your organization. You can instantly check vehicle insurance records, mileage, model year, and vehicle value, then sort and filter incoming data from a single navigable dashboard.

2. Service reminders

Tracking software sends reminders about when and where to schedule fleet maintenance for your vehicles. You don’t have to remember everything yourself, and you can easily book services in advance to beat long wait times.

Service reminders can also benefit your internal mechanics. Cross-platform access enables your in-house techs to prepare for upcoming maintenance appropriately.

3. Fuel usage

Fleet maintenance tracking software can monitor the overall gas expenditure of your fleet and the amount of productivity behind every drop of fuel. Most solutions enable you to track the length of driving routes and determine how long vehicles idle at their stops. This way, you can easily adjust your drivers’ routes to optimize uptime and reduce fuel costs.

4. Stopping accidents early

Maintenance scheduling is just one of the ways that fleet tracking can better maintain your vehicles. The right software solutions can also help you prevent mechanical complications (like old tires) from contributing to accidents (like roadside blowouts).

You can also use video fleet tracking tools to stop accidents before they occur. By recording driver behaviors and monitoring habits, you can enforce greater compliance, reduce distractions, and encourage operators to perform their best.

5. Recording unscheduled maintenance events

By monitoring the type and frequency of unscheduled maintenance events, you can make informed decisions about when to upgrade, replace, or donate fleet vehicles.

Let’s say that you log all unexpected maintenance services for each fleet vehicle in your organization. With a few button presses and a customized filter, you can quickly check the number or severity of unexpected services and decide if the vehicle should be scrapped or replaced.

Depending on the fleet tracking software that you choose, you may have access to all these benefits and others. Choosing the best fit for your organizational needs is critical to ensuring sustainable benefits and long-lasting results.

How to buy fleet maintenance tracking software with cooperative contracts

The immediate benefit of fleet maintenance tracking software is impossible to ignore. However, choosing the right supplier for your telematics solution is a complex process.

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