Improve efficiency of public fleet vehicles with a vehicle management solution

vehicle management solution

The modern fleet manager has access to all sorts of digital resources, including the powerful and cost-effective solution of vehicle management tools. More than 72% of government fleets use tracking software, a sign that adopting vehicle management solutions is now the norm rather than the exception.

Fortunately, getting started with vehicle management solutions is not difficult, even if you don’t have much experience or aren’t sure what you need. By leaning into existing solutions and following the lead of experienced organizations, you can help your school or government entity maximize fleet vehicle efficiency.

Let’s take a look at helpful ways to increase vehicle productivity through fleet tracking software.

What is a vehicle management solution?

Vehicle management solutions are essentially any type of fleet tracking software that enhances visibility into a fleet, vehicle, or driver. The goal is to better understand the performance of each component, then make informed decisions about their optimization in the future.

There are three major components of a vehicle management solution:

  • GPS: This tracking software within a vehicle enables you to locate cars and map out routes quickly.
  • Video telematics: Sometimes referred to as in-cab telematics, videos enable you to keep an eye on driver performance while monitoring their daily activities.
  • Fuel management software: This can help you understand fuel usage on a specific drive or route, so you and your drivers can construct more efficient routes in the future.

The ROI of a vehicle management solution is well-demonstrated for government fleets. At least 62% said that they saw positive ROI, and 32% said that it took less than a year.

This is a plausible outcome even for less-experienced fleets. After all, you don’t need extensive knowledge of these solutions to record excellent results.

How vehicle management solutions improve the efficiency of state vehicles

Vehicle management solutions need little lead time to transform a fleet with actionable data. Here are a few of the most powerful benefits, as seen by fleet managers across the country:

  • Improved compliance: Fleet managers may enjoy greater compliance due to improved documentation on their vehicles, routes, and drivers.
  • Improved routing: With a greater understanding of how drivers get from place to place, you can construct more efficient routes to optimize time, money, and fuel.
  • Improved productivity: Vehicle management software can help you automate routine tasks, enabling drivers and supervisors to perform their best.
  • Improved vehicle maintenance: By carefully tracking vehicle maintenance (including scheduled and non-scheduled services), you can make informed decisions about vehicle replacements and preventative services in the future.
  • Improved driver safety: In-cab video cameras help drivers make better decisions on the road, reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by distractions and phone-based interruptions.
  • Improved protection from false claims: Since your vehicle’s location, direction, and status are fully recorded, you can protect your fleet against any false claims that may impact safety and compliance.

Vehicle management solutions are powerful tools for fleets of any size. Due to their intuitive designs and manageable learning curves, you can begin improving fleet efficiency within a few weeks of installation.

Where you can find vehicle management solutions

There are three ways to acquire vehicle management solutions for your school or government:

  • Using built-in options: Since some vehicles come with limited telematics (like GPS), you may be able to use what you have to track fleet vehicles on a rudimentary scale. However, keep in mind that these solutions may be limited and not extend across your entire fleet.
  • Writing RFPs: You can write a request for proposal that outlines your needs for vehicle management solutions. Just remember that this process can take up to thirty-six months, so it may be several years before you acquire tracking software.
  • Leveraging cooperative contracts: Cooperative contracts can help you find suppliers in just four weeks or less. By tapping into economies of scale and chatting directly with suppliers, you can make an informed decision about your vehicle management needs.

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